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What is Madisson Studios and how is it going to benefit me?

Madisson Studios are a Lancashire based graphic design, animation and three dimensional modeling studio... but we don't limit ourselves to one or two key areas (this is where we're different) we take on a whole host of design challenges from web animations, digital publications, websites, apps and book typesetting, but in short: anything that needs designing we're happy to help from start to finish!


How is this going to benefit you? In many ways, for example our passion for design means you are getting a great quality of work and unique one off pieces created just for you but without the headache.

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At Madisson Studios, we're always happy to hear what our customers have to say, feel free to contact us on the following addresses to suitably deal with your query.



Feel free contact us via the inquiries email to look further into other products we offer and to see if we can help you with your project.





Contact the founder of Madisson Studios at this address if there is anything you'd like to suggest to help us improve our system of dealing with any queries or commendation.





This email address is the one you might need if you wanted to contact the accounts department.




Feel free to give us a call on:

t: 01772 252 202


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